For more than 20 years DEZO Machinery has been engaged in the manufacturing of custom door, and window manufacturing machinery. We manufacture equipment for the production of:

We have always held the highest standards in our design’s, R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service.

DEZO Door and Window CNC Machinery Warehouse

Because of DEZO’s strict high standards combined with national and overall industry requirements, we produce the highest quality machinery for the door and window industry. Our team of talented professionals are constantly working to improve and perfect our designs. Practical experience, innovation, and exploration leads our rapid developments in the glass manufacturing field.

With our advanced management experience, quality equipment, and R&D we are constantly working to develop new and improved products. With this effort we have laid a solid foundation for the future. Now with growing teams of sales professionals, we have established a network throughout Russia, East Asia, South America, and other neighboring countries. Now we have come to the United States.

DEZO Factory Floor Arc Bending Machine

We follow a "people-oriented" principle, and always adhere to the "quality first, customer supreme" as our management policy. We constantly continue to drive innovation to improve the performance, quality and the service of our products. This is all in an effort to deliver better products, service, and most of all, reasonable prices that please our customers.